Authored two chapters in CBSE’s text book “Human Rights and Gender Justice” under title “Legal Support and Remediation”: one for Human Rights Section and the other for the Gender Justice Section.

“Building Crime Free India”: Volume I and Volume II in “The Hitavada” as Guest Column on 20.2.2013 and 21.2.2013 respectively in the premises of Nirbhaya Case:
“Legislation and its enforcement cannot provide for a unitary blanket solution to contain these crimes. An integrated strategy through multipronged systematic study by various experts in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, sociology, genetics (family tree), law, governance, pedagogy, climate based differentiation of human impulses leading to crimes, medicine etc. is needed”

“Right to Education: Constitutional Mandate” in Manavadhikar, the official quarterly journal of Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission in June, 2010 issue:
“The Constitution originally perceived right to education as high priority which has been diluted by the 82nd Amendment of the Constitution denting pre-primary education to the child and further easing the obligation of the Government to provide education post fourteen years of age.”

“Need to perfect the Law of Arrest” in “Laws” magazine, a renowned monthly law magazine, Vol 9 No. 6 Issue 95 [July 2009]:
“The amendment to the Code of Criminal Procedure curtailing the power of police in matters of offences punishable by less than seven years strikes fine balance between the functioning of police and the liberty of an individual as far as section 41 is concerned. However the problem lies with the fact that it has no fine tuning with the other provisions of the Act and thus making it more vulnerable to abuse.”n.

“Evolutionary Flexibility in Religion; A Must for Human Survival” in the Souvenir of Vienna Interfaith Christian Islamic Summer University, 2008 published by University of Vienna and Austrian Development Authority:
“The evolutionary flexibility inherent in all religions should become operational otherwise, their terrorism and counter terrorism in various forms, would endanger human existence and their own acceptance shall throw them into oblivion.”.

“Education in India: Still Groping in Dark” in monthly magazine “Legal News and Views”, May 2008 issue:
“Basis and judicial pronouncements with respect to caste based reservations had been fundamentally erroneous to identify social and educational backwardness with the caste of person.”